LumberOne Supply

LumberOne Supply is a Women Business Enterprise and Small Business Enterprise. We are a dependable supplier of wood products servicing Bridge/Road Contractors.  We specialize in Concrete Form Products,  Dimensional Lumber, Walers, Hardwood Lagging, Chamfer and much more.

  • Established in 2014
  • Located in Northeast Ohio servicing the entire State of Ohio
  • Provides quality wood products at competitive prices and exceptional service
  • Capable of re-manufacturing wood products to specifications
  • 40% growth in first year. 250% the following year 
  • Extensive product knowledge
Concrete/Bridge Materials
3/4X4X8 Doug Fir Struct 1 7-PLY BBOES
3/4X4X8 DF St 1 Concrete Form MDO
2X8X12 and 16'
3/4X4X8 Import C+C+ OES
2X10X12 and 16'
4X4X8-16' Doug Fir S4S
2X12X12 and 16'
4X6X12 and 4X6X16 Doug Fir S4S
2X10X16 DI-65
2X12X16 DI-65
6X6X12 and 16'
1/2", 3/4" and 1" Chamfer
8X8X12 and 16'
Plywood and Sheet Goods
12X12X12 and 16'
3/8X4X8 CDX and AC
All Sizes of Lagging Available
1/2X4X8 CDX and AC
up to 20'
5/8X4X8 CDX and AC
Wedges, Stakes and
3/4X4X8 CDX and AC
Special Order Sizes On Request
1" AC
7/16X4X8 OSB
2X4 - 2x12 up to 20'
1/4X4X8 Luan
#2 Construction Grade
1/8 and 1/4 Hardboard

2X6-2X12X16' Select Struct Hem Fir
1X4X8 - 16' Utl/Btr HT

1X6X8-16' Pine
2X4-2X12 Doug Fir Available
1X8X8-16' Pine
Preservative Treated
1X10X8-16' Pine
2X4-2X12 X 8-20
1X12X8-16 Pine
1X4 - 1X8 Boards
1/2X4X8 CDX
3X4X8 and 3X4X16 HT Yellow Pine
5/8X4X8 CDX
4X4X8 - 4X4X16 HT Yellow Pine
3/4X4X8 CDX
4x6X12 and 4X6X16 Yellow Pine
6X6X16 HT Yellow Pine